Preacher LOVES the Mechanical Zombie Bull

Built by request, the Mechanical Zombie Bull from Galaxy is the newest in their line of haunted house & corn maze attractions. And of course, this is another attraction that “Preacher” just loves! Get more info at

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Looking For Something New This Halloween? The Rodeo Zombie Bull Is A Sure Hit!

It is barely two months to go and Halloween is fast approaching. Are you looking for something new to offer this Halloween – something that most kids and adults alike will rave about? You do not just see it, just like all the gory and horrifying creatures on the day of the dead but you can actually, touch it and best of all, ride on it! The Rodeo Zombie Bull is an entirely new offering from the best manufacturers of the mechanical bull family. Here are some vital information about one of the most exciting rides to top off Halloween with a bang!

The Rodeo Mechanical Zombie Bull Ride for Sale

Halloween Attractions are big business, often taking a yearly income in under 8 weeks.
He may look gory and gruesome but Zombie Bull is here to make your Halloween season the best ever!

Its not just people that a rising from above the grave, its animals as well! Zombies are extrememly popular at the moment; at recent Halloween & Haunt Shows we have been asked whether we could make a zombie ride. Well here it is! Introducing the worlds first Mechanical Rodeo Zombie Bull!

If you are thinking of a Halloween venue around town where almost everyone can gather, having a main attraction like the Rodeo Mechanical Zombie Bull is just perfect since it only takes around 20 minutes to set up and voila, it’s up and about! Kids would love the fun ride that a Rodeo Zombie Bull gives while parents do not have to worry about having to let their children go through the whole experience because it is fully equipped with safety features that only The Rodeo Bull Company provides.

A complete Rodeo Zombie Bull system takes only 20 minutes (average speed) to completely set up. Visit our videos page to see a full set up, either by one person or two and comse complete with everything you require to start operating immediately.

Safety is key so the Zombie Bull is fitted with our unique Automatic Stop System (ASS) as standard. As soon as the rider falls, the ride stops instantly. The rotting head is made from our Sofolex material which eliminates any impact injuries.

Each one of the automatic bucking Zomie Bull programs is linked to the two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved so both the operator and the rider can see how long the rider lasted. In addition the control console features a ten speed manual control joystick, two stop buttons and a switch that allows you to disable the spin element of the ride. This is very useful when using an additional attachment such as the surfboard / snowboard and don’t want to spin the rider.

Read the rest of the article.

Why scout for other Halloween attractions when you can have the Rodeo Mechanical Zombie Bull to highlight Halloween? For over 2o years, The Rodeo Bull Company is home and provider of the best-selling Galaxy mechanical bull multiride – the safest mechanical rodeo bull in the world! With the newly innovated Rodeo Zombie Bull, you are assured of a fun and most of all, safe Halloween!

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Boost Your Profits with a Mechanical Surf Machine

It’s hot hot hot…in almost all parts of the country! Boost your business with a mechanical surf machine…even Preacher thinks it’s the best!

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Keep Your Clients Cool – Let Them Ride the Wave on the Robo Surfer

 Robo Surfer | Surf MachineA huge part of the US is struggling with heat and drought right now.  What can you offer to help people beat the heat?

How about a Robo Surfer!  Sometimes, even the illusion of water can really help on a hot summer day.

If you own a party rental company, you are always looking for the newest rental item.  And, of course if you own an indoor amusement center, you need something to get people coming through your door.  The robo surfer has been around for ages, but it’s only been the last few years that some new innovative inflatables and options have made it really exciting.  One of the nice things about the robo surfer, is that it can be used for all ages.  Another is that people enjoy watching as much as they do riding!

A Robo Surfer is a good way to boost profits. So, exactly what is a Robo Surfer? A Robo Surfer is a surf machine. It’s basically a surf board set inside an inflatable. The rider climbs on the surfboard and tries to maintain his balance while the operator makes the surfboard wiggle and bounce in an effort to knock the rider off.

The Robo Surfer doesn’t need water (when you can’t water lawns, water slides just won’t work). The inflatable is made to look like a wave. The standard Robo Surfer comes with a low wave look behind the rider. The Deluxe model comes with either a nine foot or a thirteen foot back wave for that realistic ride. There is even a two rider model. Two Robo Surfers side by side. Friends can compete with each other while you make double the profits.

The inflatable is a soft safe cushion for when the rider falls off. This makes the Robo Surfer a fun safe ride for young or old. The operator is in full control and can take it easy on younger riders while giving the older more experienced rider a run for his money. A safe fun ride can be had by all.

Because the Robo Surfer uses no water they are portable and can be moved from place to place. They are an excellent form of advertising for your Water Park. They are easily transported and are compact enough to fit in a station wagon or the bed of a pick up truck. Robo Surfers are easy to set up. The standard model can be set up by one person in as little as fifteen minutes.

Use your Robo Surfer to boost your business this year.   Set it up in a Mall or a Mall parking lot. Set it up in any large store parking lot or set it up in a park. Your Robo Surfer can be set up inside or outside so the possibilities are limitless.

Boosting Profits with a Robo Surfer is easy if you have a good solid piece of equipment. For more information visit Robo Surfer For Sale.

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Galaxy Announces The Mechanical Hammerhead Shark for Water and Advertising Promotions

WEBWIRE – Thursday, July 05, 2012

Port Charlotte, FL – July 5, 2012 – Mike Whincup, CEO of Galaxy Multirides, the mechanical bull multiride production company, announced today that their newest attachments are now available for advertising promotions and event rides. The two attachments; the hammerhead shark and great wild shark are sure to be a huge hit.

Mechanical Great White SharkMike says, “The new attachments have already received great reviews.  They are amazingly popular.   The Hammerhead and the Great White Shark have been used successfully for water and theme park rides. The attachments are made to be very realistic with a real mold of shark’s teeth.  They are very safe and contain Sofolex foam on the head and tail just like the our mechanical bull.”

Galaxy Multirides collection of attachments have now reached 58.  Galaxy is the original manufacturer of The Rodeo Bull Multiride.

Glalaxy  has been manufacturing mechanical bulls and attachments for almost 20 years and they build one of the best and safest mechanical bull units in the world..

The company builds all kind of mechanical bulls, ranging from the very basic to deluxe units.  They also manufacture a group of  mechanical rides for children.

Mechanical Shark RideRobin Whincup, President of Galaxy says: “A lot of clients complimented the new shark’s attachments, saying they have helped their advertising promotions tremendously and they would recommended the new attachments for any type of business that can use “water” type rides.  We are glad that our customers are satisfied with our production, after all this is our number one priority.”

Galaxy strives to offer business owners profitable products.  Their  collection of attachments easily fit any business needs and themes.

Galaxy’s Website has a beautiful layout and easy navigational features; visitors can see demo videos, pictures of the attachments and browse through the categories to view all  products.

Available now on Galaxy Multirides’ Website are all the attachments and their description, supported by real time pictures giving the customers the opportunity to see how the new rides will fit into their business.

For more information, please visit or call 941-697-0324.

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The Amazing Mechanical Rodeo Sheep Ride for Kids

Thanks to “The Bounce House for a Great Video! or 678-938-7903


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Mechanical Bull Riding – Watching is ALMOST as Fun as Riding!

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Galaxy Multirides Announces Nightclub and Bar Promotion Attraction Rides

Advertising and promotions have always been an effective method for bars and nightclubs to draw people into their establishment.  Galaxy Multirides offers bar owners and night club managers promotions that work by creating memorable events which are captured on video and photos and shared on Facebook and blogs throughout the world.

Port Charlotte, Florida/May 28, 2012 – Galaxy Multirides announced today that they are offering nightclub and bar promotions attraction rides.  Advertising and promotions have always been an effective method for bars and nightclubs to draw people into their establishment.  Galaxy Multirides offers bar owners and night club managers promotions that work by creating memorable events which are captured on video and photos and shared on Facebook and blogs throughout the world.  Although their main attraction, the multiride mechanical bull, has been around for awhile, the newest versions and attachments to the ride make these rides fantastic additions to the nightclub and bar business.

Galaxy Multirides has developed an incredibly effective way for nightclubs and bars to make money and advertise their business at the same time.  The company offers a mechanical bull that’s actually a multiride machine which can transform into several different rides. The ride can be modified to be a mechanical shark, mechanical spider and even a mechanical taco.

Robin Whincup, President of Galaxy says, “Nightclub owners can request any number of their vendors to sponsor an event with a mechanical bull which has the sponsor’s image or logo on it.  These events normally bring in huge crowds which is a plus for the vendor and the nightclub as most of the people who attend these functions take photos and record videos which are posted on social media websites and blogs. Of course, the mechanical bull is only a start.  Depending on the theme needed we can create anything from a mechanical pig to a mechanical food item!”

Another great thing about the multiride is that it’s portable which allows business owners to host college events and parties to advertise their business.  The multiride sets up in about fifteen minutes so there’s no big production to coordinate and it is delivered, set-up and removed by the company.

Galaxy Multirides’ latest attachments include a mechanical rodeo hammerhead shark and a mechanical rodeo grizzly bear.  The company maintains about 35 different multi-ride attachments for the machine from mechanical sharks to rodeo reindeers, a Harley Davidson Hog to a bucking super bike and an angry rodeo Alligator.  No other company in the world can offer that level of variety and innovation at such as affordable price.


In 1985 Robin Whincup started a rental company hiring out Bouncy Castles for children and adults. As the company grew he invested in a Gilley’s Bull from the USA. The Bull made good money as there wasn’t many Bulls in the UK in the 1980′s; the main drawback however was it took 6 men to take it out and two hours to set up & break down, it was not designed to be moved and was extremely heavy.

In 1989 while attending the annual IAAPA exhibition Robin came across a Kodak Photo booth that was themed as a giant wave with a freestanding surf board in the center. Being of an innovative nature, Robin, on his return to the UK designed a mechanical surf board “The Surf Machine“. This was a lightweight portable hydraulic surf machine; his only intention was to use it for his own rental company with no intentions of getting into manufacturing, within a short period a spin motor was added so it could be used a Rodeo Bull; the Multi Ride was born.


Robin Whincup
Galaxy Multirides/The Rodeo Bull Company
Unit 2, 7431 Sawyer Circle
Port Charlotte, FL 33981
Phone: 941-697-0324 (USA)
Phone: 01423-541-867 (UK)

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Preacher Recommends….The Mechanical Spider & Pumpkin!

Don’t you just love it when you get a good recommendation…and what better can you get than one from Preacher?  :)    Check out what he has to say about our new Haunted House Attractions line!

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More Nightclub and Bar Promotion Ideas

If you have a nightclub or bar…you’re always going to be looking for the best ways to bring in traffic.   Galaxy Multirides has the answer….and we can show you easier than tell you about it!  Check out the Bad Ass Bar Bull….


For more details on all the great Galaxy Multiride items, visit

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