How Does a Mechanical Bull Work? Will it Help My Business?

Every once in awhile there’s a post on one of the forum’s asking “How does a mechanical bull work?”   There are two answers.  If the question refers to the mechanics of the bucking machine or mechanical bull, rodeo bull, etc.  Then the video below will probably answer a lot of the questions.  The Galaxy Multiride Mechanical Bull was designed for portability.  An operator needs something that’s easy to set up and even easier to move if they want the highest amount of profits for their business.  A good mechanical bull is all about safety first, but then it’s about the ease of operation, set up and removal.

The rodeo bull includes 5 items.  The bull itself, the motion base, the inflatable, the blower for the inflatable and the operations console.  All of these items can be carried in a van.  Well, having set this, they can be transported in a van once the operator learns how to roll up the inflatable.  A rolled inflatable looks a bit like a burrito and with a little experience, operators can make these burritos very very small!

Here’s a good example of how the mechanical bull works during set up.

That’s a pretty cool video isn’t it? And does a good job of showing how easy it is to set up the bull.

If the question “How Does a Mechanical Bull Work” pertain to how does it help to increase business, then the answer is even easier. Here are a couple of suggestions for different types of business.

Party Rental Company - The mechanical rodeo bull opens up a whole world of new clients.  If the current clients are backyard parties, then the bull will open up schools, festivals, company picnics, colleges and more.  If the business clients are corporate, then the bull will put you ahead of the competition.  Not only that, the bull can be used indoors year round, so it can take a summer business into a full time business!

Bars & Nightclubs – What better way to boost business than have mechanical bull riding competitions.  With the use of the camera inside the bull head (now available from Galaxy Multirides), the ride can be broadcast to everyone in the venue.  And with a little innovation can be streamed live on the internet.  Can you think of a better way to bring in customers?

Advertising and Promotions -  Want something fantastic for your client?  Something that people will remember for a long time?  The Galaxy multiride mechanical bull has other attachments that go on a motion base.  Does your client have a specialized product?  Galaxy engineers are experts at designing custom pieces for promotional items.  Like, the Tecate Lime for Jose Cuervo or the Mechanical Shark for the movie “Shark Night 3d”.

So, yes…the mechanical bull can help a business, almost any type of business.  And it’s SO easy to handle that you can start making money with it the same day it arrives.

For more information on getting a mechanical bull for your business, give the experts a call at Galaxy Multirides – The Rodeo Bull Company.


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