Is It Profitable To Add A Mechanical Bucking Machine To A Party Rental Business?

The bucking machine once was something that you might come across at a cowboy bar, something that many people just observed on television. Recently though, a lot of sports bars and clubs have been adding a bucking machine to their assortment of attractions, right up there with big screen televisions and pool tables. In fact, they’ve gotten so popular that if you own a party rental business, you should be giving serious consideration to buying a mechanical bull riding machine.

Bucking machines are fun. Almost everyone that tries one is going to have a good time on it, and helping people have a good time is fundamentally what the party rental business is all about. They are all still relatively rare, so a bucking machine is likely to offer your business an extra serving of notoriety, which is a huge benefit for any business. Having said that, not every party rental business is going to find themselves a good fit for booking out a mechanical bucking machine.

Mechanical Rodeo Bulls are pretty affordable compared to their possible revenue, but they do require an investment of time and cash. Particularly, the rodeo bull is going to require you have a person on your employ at the celebration all the time. If you’re a one man or one woman shop, this is something that you need to think about before you make the purchase.

Most rodeo bulls are remarkably stream-lined and easy to set up, but it is generally a two person job, and you are going to want to have a cargo van if you want to be able to transport it easily. There is a little to know about your bucking machine’s operation, but they are normally extremely simple to use and really don’t require any particular amount of training to use. A good mechanical bull manufacturer will still make sure you have the instruction you need to run the bull safely.

But if your company is set up to deal with those types of demands, or you do not mind growing your business to be able to handle them, purchasing a rodeo bull is going to be a great boost to most party rental bottom lines. You can rent them out for individual parties, to bars and restaurants for special events, and even set them up at fairs and carnivals.

There is also very little danger to customers with mechanical bulls. The machines are setup to be safe, and the agent can manage both the buck and the spin on them, permitting you to tailor the experience for each participant, whether they are merely a kid or someone looking for anything closer to the real bull riding experience.

The other big advantage of having a mechanical rodeo bull as one of your rentals is that there is a good amount of opportunity to upsell related games and accessories. It is possible to offer up shooting games and rodeo games, or change out your bull body for a different theme. And obviously many customers will want moonwalks, fun foods or other activities to go with the bull.

The Rodeo Bull Company ( is among the oldest and largest of companies that manufactures mechanical bulls, and their site has an abundance of information on it to help you make the decision about whether or not to purchase. Specifically, you can find out a great deal about how you can effectively use and market your Mechanical Bucking Machine.

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