Can You Increase Your Mechanical Bull Rental Profits by Using Social Media

Increase Mechanical Bull Rental Profits With Social MarketingThat’s a question that we’re asked quite frequently. Do to the fact that we consider Galaxy Multi Rides a full service Multi Ride manufacturer , we try to work closely with our customers when they have questions about building their business. Of course, our customer’s success usually leads to more sales for us! So although we truly do believe in helping our customers grow their business, there is definitely a plus for us to helping the process.

So, back to the social media question: Absolutely you can increase your bull rental profits with the use of social media. However, you can also decrease your profits if you handle things the wrong way.

There are a lot of different social media choices. The ones we use primarily are Pinterest, You Tube, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. Of course there are others, but that will probably be a whole new article.

The biggest problem we see when companies set up social media pages is that they do it solely with the thought of promoting their company. Social media doesn’t work that way. “Social” means exactly that. It means sharing thoughts and ideas with others. When you go to a party to socialize, if you only talk about yourself, then eventually you won’t be invited to parties. Facebook is one form of social media that is misused and misunderstood about a number of businesses. Absolutely your Facebook page should be a good representative of your business, but it also should be a way for you to integrate your business and ideas into the community. This happens a number of ways. 1) Ask questions of your fans 2) comment on posts by others 3) Share photos 4) Share random quotes or ideas 5) Share different things going on in your community.

All of this needs to be going on BEFORE you start promoting your own company on your page. Sharing information is the basis of every social media activity. You also need to be consistent with your postings. Nothing looks worse to a potential client than going to a Facebook page and seeing the last post was done months ago.

The other thing you want to remember about social media is that you probably want to work with more than one type of platform. For the mechanical bull rental business, the basic of social media marketing would probably be You Tube. Why not get videos of your events and post them to You Tube? Of course, wants that’s finished, you can easily add the videos to your website, Pinterest, Facebook, or even send a tweet to follows talking about a recent event.

And the first step is just to pick a platform and start using it. You don’t have to use all the social media platforms at once. If it’s too time consuming for you, then have one of your staff members handle it. Make sure they understand your company and will address issues the way you would want them handled.

Social Media Marketing is truly one of the best ways to build mechanical bull rental profits. If you need more tips, watch the Galaxy Multi Ride blog. We try to keep you updated on the best ways to keep your business steadily growing!

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