Redneck Games? Or the Battle Zone? Galaxy Multi Rides Makes it Hard to Choose

In November, Galaxy Multi Rides debuted the Redneck Games at the IAAPA show in Orlando.  It was one of the biggest hits seen at the show in years.  The sales of  the Redneck Games far exceeded Galaxy expectations.

So, what exactly are the Redneck Games from Galaxy?

Here’s an excerpt off of the Galaxy website;  Redneck Games is the brand new multi player action game from Galaxy Multi Rides.  The package is actually a collection of games that are designed to challenge your agility, balance and endurance.  The Redneck Games are themed to look like a swamp in the Deep South.

Log Slammer

Consider this:  There has been an explosion at the local mill, leaving you floating on a tree stump with three other of your buddies. Tree logs are flying through the air knocking you into the Alligator infested swamp.   You want to avoid the logs, wrestle the alligator and beat the out-of-control saw blade to become the champion of Redneck Games!  

Gator Bites

Can you wrestle this prehistoric monster? Or will you become another Gator Bite?

Ride the Alligator like you would a mechanical bull and hold on. This takes rodeo riding to a whole new level!  The head and tail of the super realistic Alligator is made from our Sofolex soft foam for Safety.


Ripsaw pits you against the out-of-control saw blade from the local mill.

You have more than one option with this game, either hold onto the blade for as long as you can or jump from stump to stump using the blade to cross the swamp to safety – but be quick because you are up against the clock.

Redneck Games are great for any type event.  The clients who placed their orders at IAAPA have a lot of really happy post prom and project graduation clients.  They always love getting the newest amusement rides in the area.  And these are definitely the newest amusements available.

But, here’s a twist.  The guys at Galaxy are always thinking.  And they’re now offering a version of the Redneck Games with a Military Theme.  Battle Zone, will probably be every bit as big a hit as the Redneck Games are.

Battle Zone | Redneck Games from Galaxy Multi Rides

Battle Zone is SO new that Galaxy isn’t even showing it on their website yet.  So anyone who orders the Battle Zone right now will be one of the VERY first to own it.

If you have one of the very popular Boot Camp Obstacle Courses, then Battle Zone is a perfect addition to your collection.  Either piece will be easy to up sell along with the other.  If you live close to a military town or do a lot of National Guard or Military Reserve events, then Battle Zone can make all the difference between a company choosing another company or moving to you.  Themed military items are a huge hit everywhere right now and Battle Zone will be popular for years to come.

Ok, the truth is that the Redneck Games and the Battle Zone are both themes that will probably be popular forever.  So it might be difficult to make your choice.   The lucky companies will be the ones that are big enough to own them both.  If you aren’t ready for that yet though, then pick your favorite and then add the other one in a year or so.

The only problem with that might be that the genius group at Galaxy will probably have even more themes available by then!

For more information on Redneck Games or the Battle Zone, visit Galaxy Multi Rides at





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