Galaxy Multi Rides Showcasing Newest Products at the AIR Show in Austin, Texas.

Mike Whincup, Marketing Director of Galaxy Multi Rides announced today that Galaxy will be showcasing their products once again at the AIR Show.  The show is being held at the Texas Convention Center in Austin, TX. Their booth # is 111.

Mike says, “We love doing the  American Inflatable Road Show .  Although it’s a lot smaller than the IAAPA show, it’s held in different parts of the country throughout the year.  This enables us to speak with people who might not be able to make it to IAAPA.  Regional shows offer an inexpensive way for party rental company owners to meet with the manufacturers and still get the trade show discounts offered at the big shows.”

Galaxy Multi Rides has been manufacturing the mechanical bull multi ride unit for almost 25 years.  Along side the bull, they have attachments ranging from the mechanical rodeo grizzly bear to the mechanical bulldog to a mechanical hammerhead shark!  They have the capabilities to manufacture a custom multi ride unit in almost any theme a client would need.

Their most recent ride, Redneck Gameswas one of the biggest hits at the IAAPA show seen in years.  Mike says, “Redneck Games is the brand new multi player action game offered for the first time this year.  It’s a collection of games designed to challenge your agility, balance and endurance themed to look like you are in the swamp of the Deep South.  And very quickly we have followed that up with a military themed version.”

Galaxy, the largest mechanical bull manufacturer in the world, has established a partnership relationship with their clients.  They offer marketing tips and suggestions along with new business suggestions that will help their clients to grow their business at their own pace.

The American Inflatable Road Show (AIR) is the largest inflatable trade show in the world. Founded in 2012 with the support of leading US manufacturers, it’s the only show dedicated entirely to the Inflatable industry although there are select other manufacturers at the show, that offer specialty items to party rental owners.
You can find more information on Galaxy Multi Rides by visiting their website.

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