Galaxy Multi Rides Announces “Jack Links Beef Jerky” Mechanical Bull Riding Promotion

WEBWIRE – Monday, October 03, 2011

Jack Links Mechanical Bull Riding PromotionPort Charlotte, FL – Mike Whincup, VP of Galaxy Multi Rides, announced this week that they have released the first mechanical bull that will allow riders to actually watch themselves enjoy the ride.

Galaxy has installed a miniature video camera inside the soft foam safety head, which focus’s on the riders face; and the ride is proving to be a huge hit.

Galaxy was approached by Jack Links Beef Jerky, as they wanted to put together a mechanical bull for a promotional tour across the United States. Jack Links wanted something different and asked if a video camera could be attached to the bull.

As always, Galaxy’s main consideration was safety,   It was vital that there would be nothing attached to the bull that could hurt a rider.  Mike Whincup of Galaxy explains “we realized immediately that the only way to do this would be to insert a small camera in to the soft foam safety head, as we have 24 volts main power in the bull body.   We found it was possible to source a small camera and bond it into the back of the head facing the rider”.  Mike continues to explain “as the head is encased in Sofoflex  foam the only part exposed is the small lens so there is no chance of any one falling against the camera & hurting themselves”.

The video camera films the facial expressions of every rider, capturing each hilarious moment.   The film can be streamed live to any monitor & big screen TV or be downloaded to a PC or other electronic storage device.

Galaxy Multi Rides is known worldwide for being the original creator of the popular “Galaxy Mechanical Bull”.   More recently they’ve become one of the top manufacturers of custom advertising promotional rides.  Just this year their Mechanical Shark ride was showcased at Gen-Con as a promo ride for the new movie “Shark Night 3-D.”

Galaxy custom units can be found in all types of promotions including Coca Cola, Google, Ball Park Franks, and the US Army, just to name a few.   A huge attraction in 2010 was the “Jose Quervo Mechanical Lime” Ride.

This family-owned and operated business is located in Port Charlotte, Florida, with a second manufacturing facility in Harrogate, UK.  Galaxy provides sales to over 45 countries.

Galaxy’s games are popular in virtually any venue, whether it be trade shows, theme parks, water parks, bars or retail stores.

To complement the mechanical bulls and inflatable rides, Galaxy manufactures an array of western-themed interactive shooting games that include Ambush, Quick Draw McGraw and the OK Corral Shooting Gallery, along with the Clap O Meter Armchair Sports Star.

Galaxy Multirides is headquartered at Unit 2, 7431 Sawyer Circle in Port Charlotte, Florida. For more information, visit the website at

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